Trekking opportunities in Kudremukh National Park

(please read general guidelines on trekking along with this)


Fast facts


563 Sq. Kms.


3000 mm - 6350 mm


10 0 C - 35 0 C


600 - 1892 M




Kudremukh National Park is spread partly over the thick hilly forests near the coastal plains on the western portion and the shola vegetation on the Western Ghats uplands, covering parts of 3 districts, viz., Chickmagalur, Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. The Kudremukh peak by which the National Park derived its name, is the highest elevation at 1892 meters.  


Special features of Kudremukh National Park (KNP)

KNP is made of steep hills and valleys. The hills, which bear the brunt of the severe monsoon wind, preclude any tree growth as a result the landscape is covered with grass. The valleys which are tucked in, have reasonable protection from wind and a deep soil profile, as a result of which stunted evergreen forests exist creating an unique microclimate, rich with mosses, orchids, etc. The whole scenery of grassland interspersed with narrow strips of forests provide a fantastic vista for a trekker. The totally fresh air and the climb up and down, invigorates the body and soothes the soul. During the trek, one can view and study several wildlife species of plants, birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, insects, etc.


Important camping places for trekkers

There are 13 trekking trails in Kudremukh National Park to suit a variety of preferences. These are old bridle paths. The Anti Poaching Camps established on the way are useful as camping sites. There is the well-maintained Kerekatte forest rest house and the Navoor forest rest house near Belthangadi for the use of trekkers. Additionally, the Bhagavathi Nature Camp also forms an excellent camping site. Kuringal shed is also available.  


Approach to the National Park

Kudremukh National Park is approachable from Bangalore via. Chikmagalur, for treks No. 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, or via Karkala treks No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or via Belthangadi for treks No. 1, 2, 3. One has to further proceed to the starting point from here.  



The National Park is cool and salubrious round the year. However, during monsoon (June to September) there would be heavy rainfall.


Maps & trekking route images

In order to select one among the 13 trekking routes, please 'click' the links below:

  1. A route map to Kudremukh National Park

  2. A close-up view of KNP & the routes

  3. A list of 13 routes

Explanatory notes on individual trekking routes


Route No. 1:

Starting point is the Navoor Forest Rest House (FRH). The nearest point to Navoor is Belthangady / Ujire, both about 20 km away, which are well connected by asphalt road. This is a day-trip. However, one may stay here overnight on payment.


Route No. 2:

Same as route no. 1, except that from Tholali, it proceeds to Kudremukh peak, and there is night halt at Tholali Anti-poaching camp (APC).


Route No. 3:

One may halt at KIOCL guest house the previous night. There is bus service to KIOCL from Bangalore. Nearly 50 rooms are available on demand costing from Rs.200/- to Rs.600/-. Alternately, one can even stay at Bhagavathi Nature Camp in tented cottages costing Rs.200/- per day or in the dormitory which is Rs.50/- per day. Start off the next morning from Basrikal turn, which is 8 km away. Night halt enroute is at Tholali APC. Sleeping bags should be brought. Portable tents will also be useful.


Route No. 4:

Same as route No. 3, but one reaches Kudremukh peak and returns to the starting point the same day.


Route No. 5:

Andar is 20 km from Karkala by road. Plenty of local buses ply. It is also 10 km from Hebri. It is a popular trekking route for students of Udupi and Mangalore. No night halt is involved.


Route No. 6:

One can reach the starting point Mullur forest checking gate by road which is 8 km from Karkala. There are several buses plying to Mullur. Alternately, if one wants a shorter route, one can start at Mallar, 4.5 km from Mullur gate located along the trekking route. Night halt is at Kuringal Gudda, where there is a shed with 2 rooms and a stream nearby. At the final point Bhagavathi, one can exit immediately or stay at the Nature Camp overnight and exit the next morning.


Route No. 7:

Same as route no. 6, except that from Kuringal Gudda, one has to come down to Naravi road from where plenty of buses are available. One can also camp at Kuringal Gudda shed by paying extra.


Route No. 8:

This is a return day-trip from Bhagavathi Nature Camp. The camp is located on the State highway. Night halt may be availed by paying extra. The total distance of the trek is 14 kms.


Route No. 9:

This is similar to route no. 8, but a night halt at Bhagavathi Nature Camp is essential as the trekking distance is 21.8 km.


Route No. 10:

Trek starts at Kudremukh Range Forest Office, which is on the State highway, and ends at Sector IV of KIOCL township.


Route No. 11:

Starting point is Kerekatte FRH / Range Office, located along Sringeri-Mangalore National highway. One can halt overnight at the FRH on payment. Exit is at Kigga, from where plenty of buses are available to Sringeri, which is 4 km away. One can also walk on the road to reach Sringeri, which is scenically beautiful.


Route No. 12:

This route is similar to route no. 11, except that the trek terminates 8 km away at Manikyabetta Shola, and retrace to starting point.


Route No. 13:

The starting point is Kigga. This is a 4x2 km return trek. There are plenty of buses to Kigga from Sringeri, which is 4 km away.  


Nearby private lodging facilities


  1.      KIOCL guest house at Kudremukh lies directly on the Mudigere-Kudremukh State     highway, in the heart of the National Park. KIOCL guest house rooms are easily given on rent on payment of Rs. 200/- to 600/-. Trekkers can make direct reservation with the KIOCL. (08263) 354148.  

  2.    Sri Sharada Devi Temple Guest House, Sringeri, lodging rates are nominal. Food cost between Rs.40/- to Rs.60/- per meal. Trekkers can make direct reservation with the Sarada Devi Temple. (08265) 550123.

  3.    At Chikmagalur, Belthangadi, Karkala, Hebri & Udupi, plenty of lodging houses are available.

Procedure for booking for trek


Contact any of the Range Forest Officers listed below for booking.


Range Forest Officer,

Wildlife Range,


Mudigere Taluk,

Chikmagalur District.

(08263) 355998

for routes Nos. 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10


Range Forest Officer,

Wildlife Range,


Sringeri Taluk,

Chikmagalur District.

(08265) 561041

for routes Nos. 11, 12 and 13






Range Forest Officer,

Wildlife Range,


Udupi District.

(08258) 731183

for routes Nos. 5, 6 and 7


Range Forest Officer,

Wildlife Range,


Dakshina Kannada District.

(08256) 403189

for routes Nos. 1 and 2


In case of difficulty, the Deputy Conservator of Forests may be approached at 08258-731183. Her postal address is Deputy Conservator of Forests, Kudremukh Wildlife Division, KARKALA 574 104, Udupi District or e-mail at An application in the prescribed proforma has to be submitted for reservation.


Alternately, M/s Jungle Lodges & Resorts or their agent ADRENO also may be contacted.


Trekking fee structure:

a. Entry fee / person into National Park (basic fee)

Indian Rs.30 / day

Foreigner Rs.80 / day

b. Trekking fee / person Rs.50 / day

Night halt at camp site (APC or Kuringal shed)

Rs.50 / halt

d. Night halt at Bhagavathi Nature Camp  
i) Tent

Indian Rs.200/- (per day)

Foreigner Rs.300/-

ii) Dormitory

Indian Rs.50/-

Foreigner Rs.70/-

e. Night halt at Forest Rest House, Kerekatte & Navoor

Indian Rs.400/- (per day)

Foreigner Rs.800/-


Trekking guide fee (per guide)

Rs.100 / day


Out of the above, the trekking guide fee (f.) has to be paid directly to the Guide in cash before setting out.  The other fees calculated on the above basis have to be paid in advance and receipt and entry permit obtained either personally or by post.  Without receipt and entry permit, one cannot enter the Kudremukh National Park. Hence read the general guidelines on trek hosted in this website.


Mode of payment


The amount shall be paid in either cash or as Demand Draft in favour of Deputy Conservator of Forests, Kudremukh Wildlife Division, Karkala, Pin - 574 104, along with the application and mailed to the concerned Range Forest Officer whose address is already given. If advance reservation is not made, the trekker could check the availability with the Ranger, take a chance and go directly to the Range office, pay the fees, and do the trek.


Once the amount is paid and bill raised, no refund is permitted against cancellation. However, on advance intimation of cancellation, the payment made may be adjusted towards any future Kudremukh trek programme undertaken by the applicant, within 6 months.


Payment if Group Leader is engaged 


If the programme is arranged through an Accredited Group Leader-cum-Naturalist, he may undertake the responsibility of conducting the programme. If the Group Leader takes the full responsibility, the procedure of going through the Forest Department becomes unnecessary. However, he may charge a certain sum towards the services rendered. The additional amount charged by him, over and above the Forest Department tariff, may differ from Naturalist to Naturalist, and the details and quality of service offered. This is already explained in "the general guidelines".


Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd., package


The trekkers may also avail the package provided by "Adreno" the agent of M/s Jungle Lodges & Resorts without requiring to go through Forest Department. Contact them at 080-5597021, 24, 25 or E-mail-  JLR is the sister organization of the Forest Department, and they are authorized to operate on behalf of the Forest Department.